Effective means to achieve the outcomes you require. Effective means to have software that works, is of high quality and is maintainable. Effective means to have software that is built for the long haul. Effective means working in a way that is resilient to mistakes and the unforeseen. Effective means to able to appropriately scale. Effective means to meet performance requirements. And last but not least Effective means paying the right price.


Software should work for the user. Gone are the days where it is acceptable to pass the buck and blame the user for poor quality software. At The Code Sharman usability is core to a Software system, it is more than an afterthought, because we recognize that one of the key requirements of Software acceptance is how easy Softwar is to use. To be a success Software needs to make life easier, life less frustrating and not have nasty surprises.


Design means forethought and planning. Design isn't something you do once then throw away: Design must be continually revised and tested against reality. Design is at the right level of abstraction and glues requirements to implementation. Throughout every iteration the software is tested ensuring that the Design survives contact with real world use. By keeping the Design documentation succinct and to the point, Design becomes the driving force behind development and this keeps the project on track.